Before Starting

We've been working on getting this home moved for more than 7 months. Before that, we tried to sell it and buy a stick-built home, but the low interest rates have pushed everyone that used to be buying manufactured housing into starter homes.

We settled on the lot in May, after looking at several others that, for one reason or another, didn't work or fell through. Then it was hassles with the mortgage company, finding a construction bank, and the stress of selecting all the sub contractors. To save money, I'm doing most of the general contractor work myself, although I'm getting a lot of help and advice from Rick Hilts at Great Plains Contractors.

Once all the contracts were signed, we were ready to close on the land -- that is, except for a legal problem involving the seller, which delayed our first scheduled closing (we found out when we walked into the construciton bank to sign the note, an hour and a half before the close). Four days later, after more than four hours on the phone, we closed on the land early Monday morning, July 21.

Here's what our lot looked like before the surveyors showed up Tuesday morning:

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