DAY 11, Monday August 4th

This day didn't start off well, as evidenced by me only getting *one* picture taken.

8am: Brian and Jimmy hard at work on the garage.
In the foreground is the dirt we'll use tomorrow to hold the culvert in place at the front of the lot.

By the time today was finished, all the tasks that were supposed to be done, got done.
But it was a slow start -- we waited until almost 10 for the folks from Poly-Tech,
the trenching company, to show up. Granted, it was the first day back from Dave, the owner's,
vacation, but I wish he would have let me know that it'd be 2 hours after the time we expected
before his crew would arrive. Then the plumbers wouldn't have been standing around for
over an hour (3 of them at $65 an hour would have been pretty expensive,
if they weren't on a flat-rate contract price).

6:30 pm: it's the end of the day, and I'm a much happier camper.
Near the backhoe, you can see the evidence of the day's major accomplishment:
the white cleanout pipe means the sewer has been installed. You can also see it, covered
with plastic, in the sleeve at the bottom of the foundation wall.

The water pipe from the street is in place, too, sticking out under the footing
where the sleeve was planted more than a week ago. The piece of white pipe
is for hooking the sewer line to the home next week.

Meanwhile, Brian and Jimmy have the siding on most of the east wall,
so it's ready for tomorrow morning when the electricians come to mount the electric meter.

It's a good idea for the future, to document the paths of things that are buried in the ground.
Here is the sewer line path.

Same thing for the water line.
I also wanted to document the distance from the foundation and from the tree.

And the path it takes from the water meter through the pine trees.

The view from the indise of the garage also shows my entry door,
which will be installed tomorrow.

One of two roof vents in the garage

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