DAY 12, Tuesday August 5th

8am: The entry door is on the north garage wall.

This is a shot that comes along only once: the sunrise through the remaining open roof trusses.

The siding is complete on the south wall. Brian and Jimmy are still working on the others.
Today is a very busy day, with as many as 11 contractors and employees on the site at the same time.
For the most part, their jobs keep them out of one anothers' way.

One of today's tasks is to pour and spread the gravel for the driveway. Roxan and the girls
brought me a couple of cans of spray paint, so I could mark the driveway edges.
Here, Pat and Cristi sit on the foundation wall in front of where Pat's bedroom window will be
a week from today. (Give or take)

Can't start the driveway without the culvert!

As soon as it arrives, the dirt starts to be poured on it. The skid loader operator finished
a double shift at Boeing before he came to the site. So he wants to get done and home to sleep!.

Meanwhile, on the back of the lot, the trenchers start work on the electric service run.

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