DAY 17, Sunday August 10th

The home movers don't work on Saturday, but they're ready to go at it as we leave for church on Sunday.

Last time I shot this (2 weeks ago), the skirting was still on.
The upcoming week will be one that has a lot of changed perspectives.

During the day, the movers have done a lot of things. Many of them aren't visible.
But here's one that is -- the siding is gone off both ends of the home.

The iron beams will be used tomorrow to separate the sections of the house. A pair of rollers will ride
on each beam as the west section of the house is winched about 4 feet to the west.

Something I didn't realize until today: The silver pipe at the bottom of the house is an air inlet
for the fireplace! It will end up setting right next to a vent in the foundation -- so fresh
air for the fireplace should never be a problem.

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