DAY 18, Monday August 11th

Ready to Split: The front of the house (soon to be the back).

Last night was our first of four planned away from home. We're stying with Myron,
Roxan's brother, and his family in northwest WIchita. Under the house, things are pretty clear,
in readiness for the house to be split today.

Another view under the house, from the driveway side.

Storms rolled through about 3 am. Just over 5 miles away, the wind was clocked at 75+
miles per hour. We didn't get enough to disturb the piles of siding in the yard.
Another sign of God's blessing, because the house was not strapped down.
Any wind over about 45 miles an hour could have pushed it off the remaining blocks.

It struck me, a moment too late, that these would make great pictures for a calendar
or something. I may still doctor one of 'em up.

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