DAY 20, Wednesday August 13th

This is the House Kat. It's a cousin to the skid loaders that were used earlier in the project.
It is radio-remote controlled, so the operator can walk all around the house to see that it's clearing
everything. This will become necessary several times today.

Movies of pulling the house from the park:
1st Attempt (3 mb) | 2nd Attempt (6 mb) | 3rd Attempt (9 mb) | Finally! (6 mb)

Pulling the house from the park was a fascinating (and frustrating) process. First, they tried to pull the
house out to the east, but couldn't do it because of tight clearance on the neighbor
across the street's flower garden, and on the neighbor to the west's porch.

After two attempts to the east, they decided to go west. But the neighbor to the west's
car was parked too close. He couldn't come move it for an hour or longer. So,
five guys lifted the front bumper and pushed it back. Finally, a process that
should have taken 20 minutes, tops, was completed in about an hour.

Well, it seemed like it, anyway.

This shot was actually taken 36 minutes after the one above.

Tim had to go inside to retrieve his ladder -- the one you saw in Monday's pictures at the end of the hall.
That gave ma a chance to take a couple of shots in the back door.

This is looking toward the living room end.

Here comes Tim with the ladder...

A quick glance inside the half that hasn't moved, while the guys
mount the lights on the part that's leaving...

With the lights and sign in place, the house is ready...

And the truck is ready....

Movies: Watch the house leave the park (4.5 mb) and turn into the new development (1.8 mb)

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