DAY 3, Saturday July 26th

Noon: this time yesterday, this view was nothing but dirt and forms. Today, many of
the footing forms have been stripped off, to be recycled as braces for the wall forms.

Now our garage front view, which we last saw on Thursday evening,
shows one side of where the overhead door will go.

Here's the north garage wall, where the entry door will be.Yesterday afternoon,
that bottom was nice and flat. But a little overshoot from the second concrete truck
as it was pouring the north garage wall, and now it's jagged.
I don't think it's something the door jamb can't overcome, but I will be talking with Ivan about it.

Also, look inside the far wall -- a few yards of waste concrete!
It's good that they put it somewhere, rather than just in a pile, but I'm sure I could have
come up with some better uses for it.I'll be talking with Ivan about that, too -- so there are
places ready to accept waste from the foundation wall or garage floor pours.

Earlier in the project, you saw this corner with only footing forms in it.
With the footing in place, now the wall forms are going up.

Here's our northwest corner view...

...and the "reference" shot.

Plus a new view: from the street, up the driveway.

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