DAY 4, Monday July 28th

10:30am: All the forms have been stripped off the garage.

Concrete folks recycle nearly everything. Ivan told me they buy 10-15 2-by-4's for each project,
and as the boards warp from use, they cut them off to keep the straight parts. The cut off parts
get used as blocking within the form. The boards keep getting re-used until they're too warped or too short.

Each phase of the work has to be inspected by Chad, who works for the City of Haysville.
Today, he's looking at the walls before they're poured.
He made one more stop about 15 minutes before the pour.
(Chad is the tall fellow in the blueish shirt standing near the evergreens.)

The building inspector can make or break a project, and the budget. All the subcontractors
told me going in that Chad is good, fair, and always there when you call him. By interpreting
the code in a way that keeps us from having to do unnecessary or repetitive things,
Chad has already saved us about $1,500 on the project. I'll explain more
next week, as the electrical work is being done.

And here's the result of his visit - another column of boxes signed off on the building permit.

The forms are in place, so Jason (right) and Andy are starting the process of cleaning up the site.
Ivan tells me this is one of the ways he goes the extra mile for his customers - he says many
people don't go to the effort of cleaning up the concrete scraps left over in the
holes between the footings.

Here's another thing that makes Ivan's jobs stand out. Those aluminum crawl space vents cost
about $30 each. The vents used by many other contractors retail for about $5 apiece.
Yet Ivan is slightly less expensive than several of the other bids I received.

Today isn't that hot (about 95 degrees, compared to 110 last week), but the humidity takes its toll.
Jason and Sonya take a break while cleaning out the pit debris.

Another new progress view: From the middle of the garage, looking out.

Here's the north garge wall, now that the forms are gone.

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