DAY 5, Tuesday July 29th

6:45am: A new day dawns

Here's our look up the driveway.
It's getting easier to sense what things will look like!

Today's early "reference" shot.

Oh, is there a story behind this!
Terry, the man who will pour our garage floor, pulled up to the lot at 8:05 am with
two sand trucks in tow. The electrical conduit, which you see sticking up in the garage
at left, then out from the sand into the foundation sleve at right, had not yet been
assembled. (I was to do it, but I was unable to until I finished my last traffic report at 8:10.)

So while Terry is maneuvering his skid loader and the first sand truck into place, I'm cutting
that grey pipe in two and cementing the pieces in place, along with the 90-degree elbow
that makes the corner through the garage wall. Terry actually had to climb down
from the skid loader to help me get that joint between the white and grey pipe aligned,
so the first truck could dump its sand load.

It was a hectic few minutes, and I felt badly toward Terry for a while,
until I realized that every minute he held up those trucks so I could finish
meant the trucks would be later for someone else's job. In retrospect,
I should have brought the PVC down to the lot on Monday night after I bought it,
and cemented it together then.

Two of the three truckloads of sand that will go under the garage floor have been delivered.
In the back, you see Terry on the skid loader -- the correct name for the piece of construction
equipment most of us call a Bobcat. That's a trademarked name for one brand of skid loader.

Meanwhile, Alex, Jason and Sonya are pulling the forms off the foundation walls.
Since they're finished, Sonya is coating each form with an oil that makes them
so they don't stick to the hardening concrete. It's time to store them for the next job.

It's hard to believe all those froms fit on this one small trailer.
But there is a specific way every board goes on the trailer, and when it's all done,
it's a tidy little package.

With the forms gone, time for another "reference" shot.

The $350 load of dirt. You'll have to ask me about this one <G>.

The end of another roll of film, and I'm exhausted (I'm working overnights this week.)
Time to head for the bed!

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