DAY 6, Wednesday July 30th

Today things sit, while the water Terry put on the sand after he worked it yesterday
continues to do its work of settling and compacting the sand to hold the garage floor.
It's a good time to get some progress shots from all over the lot...



Garage from Front

Looking out from the Garage

Northeast Corner

Northwest Corner

There are a few details to point out, now that all the forms are off.
Now you can see clearly the cutout created in the wall for the I-beam
at the end of the home to fit down into.

The wood blocks you see are triangular. They make an angle-shaped hole for the outriggers --
metal support pieces that hold the walls at the end of the home. Many homes have several of
these on each side, but ours only has the one set, at the end that will face the street.

The same blocks, viewed from the outside.

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