DAY 7, Thursday July 30th

Here, Terry and his helpers are using scrapers to pull off the loose sand
and make the surface flat, in preparation to receive the concrete. On the walls,
they've made chalk lines to mark the floor height. In the middle, the rebar marks the height.

9:30 am: The floor pour is underway.

This mix is quite a bit drier than what Ivan was using, and has fibers (I think of fiberglass)
mixed in to provide support. The fibers replace the rebar grid often used in flat concrete work.

Because the mix is thicker, the crew uses a board to level the concrete as they work.
This is called "screeding" the concrete.

The floor actually extends out over the stem wall at the doors. Under the concrete truck,
you can see the board used to form the edge of the floor across the doorway. Roxan
took these photos -- I didn't realize this was the case until I saw the completed concrete later.

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