DAY 8, Friday August 1st

8:30 am: The lumber, entry door and shingles are delivered.
Yes, the door and shingles came off by hand, before the truck dumped off the lumber!

In the background, Terry is working to move the big pile of dirt at the back of the lot
(which came out of the foundation holes).

In addition to using the dirt to backfill the trenches around the foundation walls,
Terry moves much of it north of the garage, where we will eventually build a patio.

11 am: An exciting moment!
The first major milestone of the construction phase is here...the concrete is complete
and the backfill and rough grading is done. Time for a round of progress photos...

There is a gentle slope up the driveway to the garage, and a very small slope
away from the house. Both are needed for drainage.

Here is the view across the patio, toward the house...

And toward the garage.

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