DAY 9, Saturday August 2nd

Today was to have been the day the garage got started. But an inch and a half of rain came late Friday night and early this morning, so the ground was pretty soft. Besides, the guy that was supposed to be helping Brian build the garage had to work, and it's not a good idea to build walls alone, if you know what I mean...

The good news is, an inch and a half of rain does a far better job
settling in the driveway than I'd done Friday night, watering the mud for about 2 hours.

I'm not about to complain about the rain...
it could have come last week and messed up the concrete schedule. But instead,
we get this nice settling-in...

And look here! It helped find a low spot in the back yard,
while there's still dirt moving to do (so it can be corrected easily).

Meanwhile, back at the house, it's time to take off the skirting.
That's what covers the space between the floor and the ground now.
Here's what the house looked like before I started....

By doing it now, the home movers can have access to the underside of the home
several days before it gets moved.This lets them hang the tongues and wheels,
and do other preparatory work. The home is to be moved
a week from Monday. By then, the siding will be off both ends, the shingles
will be off the seam at the roof ridge, and the trim pieces and carpet over
the seam inside will be removed. Much of that will already be done
a week from today, when we move some of our funriture and stuff out of the house.

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