Our Big Home Move

We're moving! From a manfactured housing community in Wichita, we're moving 3 miles south. It's a half-acre lot we just bought, just off the Haysville Turnpike Exit. The following pages are our journal of the project.

Here's what happened before we broke ground:
July 24th - Day 1: Dig footings, pour garage footings
July 25th - Day 2: Pour house footings, pour garage walls
July 26th - Day 3: Build House Wall Forms
July 28th - Day 4: Pour House Walls
July 29th - Day 5: Clean up and get ready for garage floor
July 30th - Day 6: A day of rest
July 31st - Day 7: Pour Garage Floor
August 1st - Day 8: Concrete work is finished!
August 2nd - Day 9: Rain Delay!
August 3rd - Day 10: Starting the Garage
August 4th - Day 11: Utilities and Garage
August 5th - Day 12: Garage and Electric
August 6th - Day 13: Detail Work
August 7th - 9th - Days 14 - 16: Rest & Relaxation
August 10th - Day 17: The Home Movers take over
August 11th - Day 18: Splitting the House
August 12th - Day 19: Unplanned Delays
August 11th - Day 20: Time to move the house! (Half, anyway)

Our Progress So Far:

Animated Image made from
photos from our "reference" point taken several times a day.

Animated Image of Garage Progress only